Why Women Friendships Can Save Your Life

Women Friendships - Photo: soulsprings.com

Women Friendships – Photo: soulsprings.com

Happy Thursday!

Day 4 of this week already, feels like it’s flying by much faster than my to-do list…But oh well, that’s why we are gifted with super-powerful pencils and erasers to rearrange all our priorities so they don’t look so…unfinished…Anyhoo…And in this big whirl of activities, work, dishes in the sink (still no dishwasher around here), laundry, running kids, we really need to rearrange even some of our top priorities up or down…And the older I get, the more I’m realizing that one of these priorities that often gets neglected and really should not, is the protection and preservation of a relationship species that is seriously in extinction mode, women friendships…

Yes, those women pals at the hair salon who can summarize the local weekly gossip in any format you require while you’re getting your hair “did”…Those same women pals who can listen to you gripe about dear hubby’s dirty socks, the toilet seat being always up, or the kids’ maths school project that you have to google tonight, with as much attention as President Obama himself would pay to the latest state of unemployment report…And yes, those same women who kept your kids for a couple of hours while you crammed for that exam, or hooked you up with some free movie tickets, or told you to get your act together and stop walking around with those ashy toes and wrinkled clothes…just sayin’…We need our women friends, not just for gossip, or for the occasional (or frequent) hook-up, or for the serious, heart-to-heart conversations sprinkled with tears, occasional swear words and other interesting language and inappropriate gestures…And we need them more than reality TV seems to describe, what with the Real Housewives of Tumbuktu and Love, Hip Hop and Stupidity Inc, all with women feuds, violent arguments, excessive competition, and straight up despicable behavior…Because this is not how women should behave, and especially not among themselves…

In my native country of Senegal, West Africa, where 95% of the population is Muslim, and where men, like in many other predominantly Muslim countries, are allowed to marry up to four wives, co-wives actually not only co-exist, but very often share the same household, caring for each other’s children, sharing household chores and whatever sometimes minimal money there is available, all with the understanding that their bonding is more important than whatever circumstance(s) separating them. I’ve heard or read recently of mothers carrying their infertile daughter’s children, of sisters going under the knife to offer healthy organs to their sick siblings, of women friends choosing friendship over wonderful career opportunities. I myself have been privileged to nurture decade-long friendships spanning all over the world (thank God for Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp, among other incredible communication tools), friendships that, close and far, have dried my tears, offered me breast-feeding tips, pushed me to go after that job, celebrated with me, got (slightly) wasted with me, and still were honest enough to tell me to leave the big hair and neon outfits back in the 80′s where they belong…

A recent study concluded that women with healthy female friendships are less at risk of cardio-vascular disease and other scary ailments. Just notice how lighter you feel after confiding into a good girlfriend of yours, how the world does not seem all that bad after Sheniqua tells you about Maria’s botched wax job, or how Diana’s wig just feel off in the middle of the dance floor…But really, seriously, there is nothing like a good, hearty laugh with your girls, or one of those conversations that dear hubby could never ever get, and when these silly, funny, seriously indispensable moments with our female friends also help us be healthier and happier, what else can we ask for??? Ok, a pair of shoes or two….

Have you talked to your girls today?


Love Always,

Miss Awa.

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