Where is Justice for Trayvon Martin?

Trayvon Martin - Photo: bing.com

Trayvon Martin – Photo: bing.com

Happy Sunday!

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is well on this side of the blogosphere and beyond. I apologize for being MIA for a few days, new job, exams, and I have to admit, not as much control and self-organization as I’d like, but I’m learning…Yet, as much as I wished I’d be back with joyful noise, it’s with a rather heavy and disappointed heart that I am taking to my computer today, after hearing about the State of Florida vs. Georges Zimmerman trial verdict.

NOT GUILTY: that is the verdict that was rendered by a jury of six women, five of whom White women, one of them Hispanic, in the Georges Zimmerman trial for the death of Trayvon Martin. On February 26, 2012, Georges Zimmerman gunned down 17 year-old Trayvon Martin. What did Trayvon Martin do to deserve to die on that day? Being a young Black teenager wearing a hoodie, returning from the neighborhood 7-11 store with a bag of Skittles and some Arizona iced tea. That’s what Trayvon Martin did on that fateful day when he lost his life. And what did Georges Zimmerman allegedly do? He racially profiled Trayvon Martin, followed him because he looked “suspicious” and gunned him down because he felt “threatened”.

Trayvon could be my son, he could be any one of us. As President Obama himself said, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” As a mother, as a proud Black woman, my heart aches for Trayvon’s mother and family, my heart aches for this injustice, my heart aches for an innocent young man who lost his life because of “assumptions”. Assumptions that being a young Black man makes you suspicious, that it’s ok to follow someone without any proof of who s/he is and what they did (if they did anything), that as a people the life of one of our children does not matter as much as it should…This was a 17-year old boy with his whole life ahead of him, the apple of his mother’s eyes, a beloved son, family member and friend, who will never get his life back…

My question is: where is justice for Trayvon Martin? Where is justice for my young Black son who is growing up in a world where he may be unjustly profiled because of the way he looks? Where is justice for human life, regardless of the color of our skins, regardless of a set of “wrong” assumptions used against a kid who will never smile again, never breathe again? Where….

The jury on the State of Georgia vs. Georges Zimmerman was instructed to look at the cold, hard evidence only. And based on this, they deliberated and whether willingly or not, they sent the message to the world that killing a young man because he looks “suspicious” is not punishable by law. What the hard, cold evidence in this tragedy tells me is that Trayvon Martin was innocent, that he did not commit a crime, and that no matter the verdict rendered, no matter our opinions about it, and really, no matter the color of our skins, the death of an innocent child always  leaves an irreparable tear in the tapestry of Humanity…

So tell me, where is Justice for Trayvon Martin?


Love Always,

Miss Awa.

3 comments for “Where is Justice for Trayvon Martin?

  1. TerryG
    July 15, 2013 at 7:50 am

    I can’t tell you how much the verdict sickens me. And I mean that literally. I can’t tell you HOW MUCH. I am ashamed of the American justice system (although I am not American).

    • keurawa
      July 15, 2013 at 8:54 pm

      Hi Terry,
      It is very sad that we have to come to this. As much as we certainly do not wish ill on anyone, and we should certainly not seek revenge, the message that is being sent to the rest of the world is that this young boy’s life does not matter as much as it should. Now that is sad. Thank you so much for your comment!

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