Senegal Appoints Second Woman Prime Minister Ms. Aminata Toure

Ms. Aminata Toure, Prime Minister of Senegal

Ms. Aminata Toure, Prime Minister of Senegal

Happy happy Tuesday, and a big thank you to those of you who have forgiven me for being a bit on the MIA side lately…New job, Dear Daughter starting school, upcoming exams, and just life in general, have kept me away from the keyboard, BUT I’m adjusting, and learning along the way, and trying to improve the good and change the not so good…
About improvement and change, I’ve gotten some rather positive and uplifting news this morning through the media about my home country of Senegal. And since news is not really news until shared, there it is, I’m sharing…
My beloved home country of Senegal is currently witnessing its second woman Prime Minister everrr, Mrs. Aminata Toure, aka “Mimi” Toure, as she more often goes by her nickname. Ms. Toure, 50, was up until recently serving as Minister of Justice in Senegal, until she was recently appointed as Prime Minister by His Excellency Mr. Macky Sall, President of Senegal.
Now for a country that is still about 90% Muslim, on our beloved African continent where women’s rights are making welcome strides, this is one piece of news that definitely made me, and I’m sure, many women and leaders around the world smile…It definitely seems that we, as a Continent, individual countries and the world at large, are carving a hopeful, welcoming place for women leaders in our era and beyond.
And the more women can participate in the conversation, sit at the government meeting desks or in the boardroom, the better our voices are heard…
Congratulations Ms. Toure!

Love Always,
Miss Awa.

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