New To Do Item: Relax and Recharge

Relax and Recharge - Photo:

Relax and Recharge – Photo:

Happy Tuesday!

This is not my usual “on fire”, “Get Motivated” beginning of the week post, not today…I hope everyone is doing well, and started the week on a good footing. Yours truly, not so much…as our household spent the week-end in between baby fevers and parents sneezing away..Yes, in between colds and ear infections, and monumental lack of sleep, our week on this side of the blogosphere started on a pretty K.O. note…And as with all things, good or bad, happening to us, it kinda forces us to reconsider our priorities, care for the most vulnerable among us (including ourselves) and listen more closely to our minds and bodies…

As much as people in general, and women in particular, face all kinds of stressors on a daily basis, including health, work, money, bills, family, people we care (and some we don’t care about so much, but still make it our mission to please), relationships, work-life balance (what’s that?), the weather, Facebook (and Pinterest, Twitter, or any other social media that eats your precious time away), most of the time, it is not until our bodies and minds get on survival, quasi “shutting down” mode that we do realize that one of the items on our to-do list should have been to take better care of ourselves….Whatever that may mean, even if it means 30 minutes of cardio a day, or simply walking around the block inhaling some fresh (wintry) air, or a regular mani-pedi¬†appointment with your girlfriend, or a meditative 15 minutes at lunch somewhere in communion with nature (or snoring on the backseat of your car), whatever it takes…

It’s because we fail to make time for taking good care of our bodies and minds, and allow ourselves to drown under the weight of responsibilities, sleepless nights and constant demands of the world, that we end up being unable to keep up with ourselves or the outer world…So if you are looking at the new to-do list you wrote yesterday, all filled with the 50 items you will not get to complete this week (or this lifetime) anyways, grab that #2 pencil, erase that boring networking event you’ve been trying to dodge anyways, or your weekly Facebook gossip¬†fill, and write these three words right up at the top of your list: “Time To Recharge…”…And if that includes a couple of pair of shoes, a glass of Martini, and paying a babysitter for the night (and the morning after), well, so be it….

Do you take time to relax and recharge? How do you manage stress?


Relax - Photo:

Relax – Photo:



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