Musical Crush of the Week: Somalian Pop Singers “Faarrow”

Faarrow- Photo:

Faarrow- Photo:

Happy Tuesday!

It’s already Day 2 of this week, and nothing like a bit of new music to pump up the morning…I love discovering more or less new artists that I haven’t heard of before, especially women artists, and even more so women artists of African descent, and feature them on Miss Awa. This week, I’m having a serious musical and fashion crush on two pop singers who made it from Somalia to Los Angeles, and are offering us a youthful, edgy, pop sound reminiscent of the likes of my personal favorite Lauryn Hill, Emeli Sande and M.I.A…

The two Somalian sisters, Siham and Iman Hashi, are Somalian refugees born in Mogadishu. They left their native country for Toronto at the ripe ages of four and five, and are the first Somalian female artists to land a major label record deal on this side of the blogosphere. And that’s not just it, the talented sisters have also used their power and influence to speak on behalf of their country and the terrible crisis affecting it. They co-created W.I.S.H. Creatively (WISH stands for Women Internationally Selling Hope), selling jewelry to help marginalized women and children in Somalia and globally. Now these sisters truly combine talent, beauty and social conscience, and are sooooo very inspiring! Check out to help!

So how appropriate that their group’s name would be ”Faarrow”, which is a combination of their actual names translated from the Arabic for “faith” and “arrow”…

Check out their new single “Rule the World”:



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