Happy Friggin’ Monday: Back to School and Work

Happy Monday - Photo: bing.com

Happy Monday – Photo: bing.com

Happy happy Monday!

Hope everyone is well, and had a wonderful week-end on whichever side of the blogosphere you  be stretching your sleepy arms and scratching your sleepy head on…It is Monday, again, and for many of us, it means going back to work, after a mini or maxi vacation, or just shutting your eyes for just 10 minutes(yup, count it as a vacation as well…). As for yours truly, I apologize for being MIA for an entire week (what?!?) due to business travel, a few days off, and sheer lack of overall motivation on my part…Yet I’ve missed Miss Awa a whole lot, so I’m back with my mouthy self, because, you know, that’s what I do…

For many of us, the end of the summer is looming near, and with that the end of summer vacation. The kids are getting ready to go back to school, you’re getting ready to get back to school work, whichever it is you still have to finish and get a paycheck from sometime before the end of the month, and it’s a whole lot of adjusting and preparing and planning and fixing and thinking and wishing you could just go back to bed and pull the covers up…BUT since it ain’t happening that way, there may be one or two tricks that may ease this transition back to reality….that is, until you can locate your bed, a good pair of earplugs and about 10 minutes of snoring oblivion before it’s time to get up again…

  • Easy does it: ease into it…There is not magic pill or instant solution. For any transition, easy does it, and this is going to be no exception. As we’re preparing for Dear Daughter’s first day in pre-school (no, I’m not gonna cry, ok, maybe a bit…), and trying to think ahead, it’s clear that there’s no use rushing into it all. Take it one day at a time, give yourself a margin of error (and a good excuse to give you boss as to why the only consistent behavior you’ve been displaying is your lateness at work), and learn to adjust as you go…


  • Plan, Plan, Plan…As easy as you may want to make the big “going back to work/school”, when it comes to transitioning back to work or school after any amount of time, tanning on the beach or cocktails in the pool, planning may be the only way to save ourselves, and anyone around’s, sanity. And at the end of the day, it really is about the little things, like remembering that if the car has been on “Empty” for over a day, chances are we may run out of gas five minutes from the daycare; or that your daughter’s summer project is actually due at the end of the summer and not within some imaginary time frame; or yet again, that doing laundry on the morning of the kids’ first day of school because your son thinks showing up to class with a big ketchup stain on his white school polo is kinda cool, hardly qualifies as “adequate preparation”….It’s the little things…Nuff’ said..


  • Learn, learn, learn…Truth is, there is no amount of easiness or preparation that is going to keep you from making mistakes, forgetting the kids’ lunches, or driving away with your cup of coffee on top of the car…Yup, you know you did it! The beauty of life, and big or small transitions in life, is that we get to learn…mostly from all the times we mess up. So let’s take heart, and realize in advance that we are gonna mess up, that the kids’ shirts are going to be dirty (along with our wrinkled and tired office shirts), that the car is gonna be out of gas right when it’s time to drop off the kids, that we will forget the kids’ lunches, and the baby will decide to poop right when we step out the front door (which we most likely will choose to ignore, at the risk of obliterating our sense of smell and the entire air quality in the state)….BUT we are going to learn, and every week is going to get less messy, a bit easier (really), until…AHA! we can finally drop off the kids, get to work, sit at our desks, take a deep breath….before realizing that in all our planning and organizing, we forgot to put our underwear on….

It’s the little things….


Happy Friggin’ Monday….


Love Always,
Miss Awa.

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