Got PFS (Parent Fatigue Syndrome)?

sleeping-inHappy happy Wednesday!

Hope all is well for everyone on this side of the blogosphere and beyond…It is hump-day already, and I have not accomplished the first thing on my to-do list for this week (which also includes the stuff I never got to last week)…In summary, it’s the usual, catching-up race of mid-week, nothing much different from last week, except that I still have hope to be done someday…And in between finishing up on leftover tasks, picking (clean) clothes from one of the three laundry baskets waiting for a kind soul to fold them (the soul would be me, kind, not so sure), and talking to my girlfriends who are  mommies, professionals and (unfolded) laundry collectors like myself, there is this palpable, evident something something called the PFS or “Parent Fatigue Syndrome”….You know, that feeling that nothing ever gets done on time, that you wake up not remembering how you went to bed last night, and this teeny-weeny sense that you’re starting to hear voices calling you “Mommy” even as you’re sitting in an uber-important meeting with your boss (and have no idea what he asked you to do before noon today)….

It is PFS, a syndrome rarely recognized in the medical sphere, but widely known amongst parents, especially parents of more than one little cutie. You will recognize these as they walk run into the office, hair disheveled, stained shirt, and unshaved under-arms, as they stare emptily at the boss discussing next year’s budget and jump when someone calls their name…These are the parents who are suffering from this common syndrome, for which there has been no official cure yet (well, the most effective cure would be sleep and a personal assistant, which are totally overrated in this world of “CAN DO IT ALL, right?)…

So how does one combat the PFS syndrome without losing one’s sanity, or falling asleep at the wheel?

  1. Recognize that your suffer from it: stop blaming age, lack of proper nutrition, exercise or favorable genes for your haggard look, hurried style or stained shirt. You do suffer from Parent Fatigue Syndrome, what you need is not another multivitamin or super-performing under-eye concealer, what you need is self-honesty and…the right shade of red lipstick.
  2. Put the gun cup down: yes, you, put the cup of coffee, glass of wine, extra vitamin C shot down. There is such a thing as effectiveness lag, you know, when the 100th cup of coffee just does not produce any effect any more (or when you need to sign up into rehab). Let your body tell you, honestly, how it feels, and for once, let it choose its favorite position every once in a while (which most likely is going to be horizontal, head in the pillow at about 9:01pm)…
  3. Get a NOT-TO-DO-LIST: yes, the era of the proverbial to-do list is coming to an end…because there are too many things to do, too little paper (plus we’re environmentally-conscious these days, so save the trees please), and too little time…And as the French proverb goes, “Only imbeciles do not change” (Il n’y a que les imbeciles qui ne changent pas), it may be time for a change. So instead of doing, doing, doing, let’s pick and choose in between what we can realistically and honestly do, and what we can’t, don’t want to, could care less, etc….Like hanging out at the bar when you know you can’t hold your alcohol, or yourself for that matter, for any time after 9pm…Or engaging in relationships that you have no time to entertain or sustain…Or deciding to get a high-maintenance haircut, or signing up for a bi-weekly yoga class that you’ll be attending in your sleep…Be realistic, set possible goals, and for everything else that you know deep inside your heart, to the left of that bloody-red tomato sauce stain on your only clean white shirt, you will not be able to keep up with, graciously bow down, and quietly go sit lay down somewhere…
  4. And last but not least, choose YOU, well, sometimes…When it comes to the important stuff, like making sure you continue breathing, or that you actually look good recognizable, pick yourself, sometimes…Drop the stuff that is not a matte of life or death, like answering all your Facebook page comments, or fitting one more extra-curricular activity for your already over-committed kid, and do something for your self…You know, something not too drastic, not too crazy, like exercising sleeping…

Are you suffering from PFS?


Love Always,

Miss Awa.


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  1. September 26, 2013 at 6:28 pm

    yes I am!!!!!!!!!!!!

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