Going Natural? A Safe Coloring Alternative

Shea Moisture hair coloring system

Shea Moisture hair coloring system

Happy happy Friday, and happy #Women’s Day! What an exciting time to be a woman these days, and what is more exciting than letting your shiny, vibrant hair down…

Except that in my sometimes hairy natural journey, I was not sure which coloring alternative would be safe for my curlies. I’ve tried the henna mathod before, but this time around wanted something more permanent.

And came Shea Moisture Hair Color system, with its elegant, one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn packaking. I mean, even I can appreciate the care put in packaging this product, from the hand-drawn picture on the front (no more photoshopped, artificially arranged photos of unreal models), to the elegant pouch containing all the necessary elements for a safe and beautiful coloring journey. I’ve tried other products from the Shea Moisture line before, including the styling milk, curl enhancing smoothie and curling souffle and really liked them.

This ammonia-free haircolor system include ingredients include some of my favorite natural powerhouses such as shea butter and flaxseed oil.

Well, I tried the Jet Black version and was absolutely delighted with the results. The color was vibrant, natural-looking, and my hair just felt softer and curled amazingly well!

So if you’re a curlie, and dreaming of switching your haircolor with natural, organic-certified products, give Shea Moisture hair color system a try…It’s distributed at some Targets only, so check the distribution list…

Happy hair days, and happy colorings!


Yours Truly!

Yours Truly!


Love Always, Miss Awa

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