10 Easy Tips (for Guys) to Cure The Nagging Wife Syndrome?

The-Nagging-Wife - photo:onefleshmarriage.com

The-Nagging-Wife – photo:onefleshmarriage.com

Happy Thursday!

It’s a snowy morning on the East coast of our blogosphere (yes, it is March, don’t even get me started with this weather…), and not already 8am, and I already started reminding dear hubby of all the things he has to do today, as well as those he may not have to do today but maybe tomorrow, and those he may want to think about doing before the end of the week, plus if you add all the things that the kids should be doing, from learning discipline to reciting the alphabet, I just sent the poor man back to bed with a splitting headache…Now, all these things that I like to call reminders, friendly reminders to do exactly what I need him and the kids and the neighbors, and virtually just the rest of the universe, to do, well…the rest of the world seems to think are just symptoms of this disease called TNWS, otherwise known as the, “The Nagging Wife Syndrome” that seems to mostly affect married women between the hours of 5 am and 5am the next day…

Try googling the word “Nagging”, and you shall get every incriminating search result about women from hormonal to marriage killer, to mood killer…Not very flattering, I’d say…And of course, it seems that the brunt of the blame is assigned to women, since we tend to be the ones doing most of the (friendly) reminding….So for a change, instead of writing a post entitled “How to Curb Your Nagging”, or yet again “How to Save Your marriage from Constant Nagging”, let’s have some fun and reverse the universal tendency with some easy tips for our fellow guys to help cure our so-called TNWS (The Nagging Wife Syndrome):

  1. When your wife asked you to put the toilet seat down about 5 years ago, you should have listened…before she went and poured crazy glue on it!
  2. When your wife utters the word “period” or anything having to do with “that time of the month”, you shall remain quiet for the next 3 days (or 4, or 5, depends)….
  3. When your wife refers to how she found your socks, underwear and some questionable cookie crumbs inside the couch, do not deny the facts….
  4. When your wife asks for time alone, do not jump up through the closest exit and scream “Freedom!!!!”…
  5. When your wife tells the kids “ask daddy”, do not tell the adorable cherubs “go back and ask mommy”…
  6. When your wife refers to Valentine”s day, or jewelry, or anniversary, do not involuntarily voluntarily go into shock mode….
  7. When your wife reminds you for the 100th time to put back the stopper in the kitchen sink, do not tell her she never told you so…
  8. When your wife sends you a loving, friendly text to remember to take the trash out, clean the garage, and shovel your front door as well as her mama’s front door, do not press DELETE with such a passion…
  9. When your wife says she has a headache, refrain from saying these words “Again?” or “You had a headache last night as well…Advil maybe?”
  10. Last but not least, when your wife asks you if you’ve done what she asked you to do this morning, do not just nonchalantly reply “And what was that again?”

And I could go on and on…See how easy it can be to cure TNWS, gentlemen…And ladies, why don’t they make more easy, straightforward, flashcards with these simple rules so you can just stick them everywhere around the house…

Ok, gotta get going, I still have to remind dear hubby of a few more things….

Happy Thursday!

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